Bike path along the Ohre river

The light terrain through the picturesque valley of the river Ohre connects the main cycle path from the center of Karlovy Vary to the town of Cheb. So you can decide the length of the route yourself. Along the way you will meet Svatosske skaly, visit the towns of Loket and Sokolov. The whole length is 110 km and is marked by cycling signs with the number 6.

Bike paths in Karlovy Vary

There are 16 cycle paths of varying difficulty around Karlovy Vary. 

Bike paths Ostrov city – Ore Mountains

Ostrov and its surroundings and Ore Mountains and its surroundings is from the bottom to the mountain crossings. The terrain here is more challenging, almost without the plain.

Effortless bicycling – Klinovec, Ore Mountains

During the summer, the Klínovec Ski Resort allows you to travel up by cable cars and pre-arranged round trips.

Bozi dar – Baby Jesus Trail

Baby Jesus trail leads directly around Bozi Dar and has 2 possible lengths (6 or 13 km). The terrain is full of carved sculptures, lay-by and a small playgrounds for children.

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