Sport activities

Sport activities


In Karlovy Vary and its surroundings there is a large number of tennis courts, which are operated all year round.


Karlovy Vary is known for its large number of golf courses, Olsová Vrata, Cihelny, Haje, or the Holoubek Hippodrome directly in Karlovy Vary.


Winter season - perfect interplay of hot mineral springs and mountain activities. The Klinovec, Bozi Dar and Plesivec ski resorts are a half an hour drive from Karlovy Vary.


Karlovy Vary is at the confluence of 3 rivers - Ohre, Tepla and Rolava. And it is the Ohre River that is often sought after for rafting. You can use your own boat, but there are also various rentals that will take care of you completely.


Near Cheb, half an hour along the highway west of Karlovy Vary, there is the Kart arena, where all lovers of petrol and racing will enjoy it.

Hot air ballooning

Karlovy Vary from above - a breathtaking experience.
Sightseeing flights and hot air ballooning are unforgettable!