Nature trail – Andelska Hora – Kyselka


The Andelska hora - Kyselka nature trail focuses on natural attractions, geology and history. The 10 km long trail starts in Andelska Hora behind the church by the stairs to the castle ruins. You can make a few more "turns" from the basic route and extend the trip by up to 8 km.

Andelska Hora and its castle have been declared the place with the best positive energy of our country. Nature trail Andelska hora - Kyselka

- Andělská hora (legend about the foundation of the castle)
- Stichel‘s mill (settlement of the locality until 1945)
- Semnicka skala
- Rock of elves (legend About the departure of elves from this region,)
- Kyselka Spa (springs of the Doupov Mountains)

Length of the route
basic 10 km, with turns up to 18 km

Type of transfer
On foot

basic 3-5 hours, with turns 5-7 hours (with turns up to 18 km. Turns: 500 m to Semnicka skala, 2 km to Rock of elves, 1.5 km to the lookout tower on Bucina)

Nature trail – Andelska Hora – Kyselka