Nature trail Bozi dar – Baby Jesus Trail


Baby Jesus Trail walking through the beautiful landscape around Bozi Dar. Depending on the age or physical fitness of the child, we can choose from two areas of Baby Jesus trail. The terrain is full of carved sculptures, lay-by and a small playgrounds for children. You should definitely not miss this fun. The large circuit is 13 kilometers long and the small circuit less than 6 kilometers. It can be realized by bike or stroller.
The terrain is gravel, a small part of trail leads along a side road. In the final section, where the road has been used so far, in 2015 the construction of a new bicycle path was underway.
The starting point of Baby Jesus Trail is the information center in Bozi Dar. If we choose a longer variant of the circuit, we go through all 13 stops. On a small circuit, stops 5 - 10 are omitted. At each stop there is a wooden house with a story about a fairy-tale character and for children there is some task. The trail is enriched with game attractions and wooden fairy-tale statues.
The answers to the tasks will children write to the Baby Jesus notebook, which we receive at the beginning of the trail in the information center in Bozi Dar. In the end, we will submit the completed notebook here and the children will receive a reward.

Terrain difficulty
Effortless urban terrain with a small elevation gain
6 or 13km
Nature trail Bozi dar – Baby Jesus Trail